CARA-C, recording artist extraordinaire.

CARA’s recordings exude flair and beauty, sounding like no one else, but the one and only, CARA-C.

Starchild, her Grammy nominated pop instrumental album, is loved by all who crave a great melody, superb performance and dance grooves. “This album is dedicated to all precious souls. May I be the messenger of harmony, love and enlightenment through my music and the sound of my violin.”

Clouds of Magellan, her second album, will rivet you with its majestic and grandiose symphonic feel, exploring a new level of depth for this rising star. CARA-C’s phenomenal violin performance & compositions transport you to a world above with her inspirational, innovative and exhilarating melodies. It will rock you and also soothe you.

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“CARA-C is an inspirational violinist and a wonderful artist!”
– John Travolta

“Me as a listener, I love when I pop in a CD and it sounds like no one else, and I’m transported to a whole new world, and CARA-C has got a marvelous approach and singular style that does that.”
– Joe Chiccarelli

“CARA- C’s talent is world -class! When you listen to her violin playing, you escape to magical far away places.”
– Tom Saviano, producer of Starchild & Clouds of Magellan album

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